Saturday, February 28, 2015

Little touches

Here are some details while we finish up this weekend. 


The new curtains and curtain rod will delight my mother in law.  While I’ve never understood it, she’s insistent on drawing the blind down and closing the curtain when she’s in the bathroom, so now there is something in there besides a sheer panel.  We will also be installing a film on this window to prevent bird collisions that doesn’t impact you seeing out but makes the window look like a solid white panel.  That means that in addition to birds seeing it, no one can see in.


The new robe hook and a very wrinkled new shower curtain on a curved rod.  I did not want a shower curtain, I don’t like them at all and I really wanted a nice glass door.  I wanted the type of door that doesn’t have a frame across the top but Randy and I couldn’t agree and we ended up with a shower curtain. 

IMG_6394  IMG_6393

The very exciting monster 36” towel bar and a new hand towel ring.  Thrilling I know!


Last but not least the new mirrors and light fixtures. 

This weekend should conclude this bathroom remodel, we have a little bit of tile work to finish.  We are still missing one towel bar for the door but the bathroom is certainly functional without it.  When the tile work is done I will of course share the finished product!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Where we are now..

Let’s see when we last left off the fan was getting the better of Randy.  He still hasn’t wired it but in his defense it has been very, very cold in the attic!  Where are we now with the bathroom. 


We’ve got all the wall panels in and I love them!


We’ve painted the walls and ceiling.


We’ve installed the floor.


As well as the vanity and the new commode.


Scott came over and helped carry the vanity top upstairs and Ally decided to help install the faucets.


There is more to show, but I’m not giving it all away today…

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Round hole, square fan…


So this is where it started, there had been a round exhaust fan, but it needed to be replaced as it wasn’t very efficient.


Randy set out to find a replacement that he liked and it turned out he picked a square one.  So the problem was how to install the square into the round space. 


Randy started off off by cutting out the sheetrock and cutting the opening of the wood ceiling to make it square.  I will confess to avoiding taking part in this part of the project, as there was much debating (with himself) about how best to work this through.  He installed the brackets to hold the box, then the box. 


He cut a piece of green board to fill the hole with and now that will need to be taped, spackled and primed!


Here’s a visual of what it will look like when it’s done.  It’s got a night light and humidity auto on switch as well.  I’m glad this part is done, I don’t think Randy enjoyed this part very much.


So I’m behind on updating but progress is being made!  After many, many hours of spackling and sanding Randy finally got the walls like he wanted (sort of) and put on a couple of coats of primer to cover up that blue!  I think it’s going to need one more coat of primer or at least use a paint with primer in it.

In addition to that the two circles below are the new electrical boxes for the new light fixtures we will be putting up. 


Here’s the tub in place with the walls spackled and primed and ready for the walls to be covered.


Next up the ceiling light and fan!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Guest Bath Weekend #2

Well weekend two comes to a close, we have a new tub, we have new plumbing for the tub and shower, we have new green board and we have new luan!


The new tub is really nice and I can hardly wait to fill it up for it’s first test soak!  The space that’s cut out is for the built in shower caddy that is going there.


I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of the new plumbing!  Oh well not taking that greenboard down now!


I know luan isn’t exciting but no more wood splinters from the subfloor is wonderful!!  For me spackling and sanding are on my to do list!

It’s getting there!

Monday, January 12, 2015

An Empty Space…

Well the guest bath is down to the subfloor, though I’ve been assigned the task of pulling nails tomorrow.  The tedious jobs always seem to land in my capable hands, I don’t mind though, what I lack in the ability to heft hundreds of pounds I make up for in my dedication to details.


Future home of vanity & mirrors


Bathtub & shower alcove


Lots of nails to remove from the floor and the site of new commode.

Not much to look at right now, but getting this much taken care of is a good start.  Nothing major happens till the bathtub comes in this week.  So stay tuned…

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Supplies and Demolition Day 1

Baby, it is cold outside but things are heating up inside for the guest bathroom renovation!! 

Randy came home with a truck load of supplies yesterday to unload into the garage. 


Saturday morning we started on getting out the stuff that could be salvaged, so the vanity top, the vanities and the toilet were loaded into the back of the truck and Randy hauled them off.

While he was gone I worked on getting the old wallpaper that was hidden behind the vanities off the walls, smoothing out rough spots and taking up the trim.


Randy said he didn’t ever remember that wall paper being in there.  It wasn’t here when we moved in and I don’t remember it from when we were dating but at one time it was up there.


Thankfully it looks like there really is luan under the first layer of vinyl flooring so removal while not simple should be easier.   That will be Sunday’s job, that and getting the rest of the tub out.


Randy said that the bathroom was basically built around the surround that was in there.  He had ‘fun’ using his multi-tool cutting the thing apart.  We are going to have to do a little bit of work to the walls as they aren’t quite up to my engineers standards.

I have to admit I am excited to finally have this project underway, we’ve been talking about bathroom renovations for years!  Those surrounds are small and really not our style at all.

Stay tuned!